TECHART GTsport 1 of 30 – The Exclusive Performance Package for the 911 Turbo S (991.2)

Honor to whom honor is due. Just before the model change TECHART is going to feature the record milestone 911 Turbo S (991.2) with a limited refining kit.

Courage, style and performance. These three virtues characterize the 911 Turbo S since 1974. The Exclusive Performance Package »GTsport 1 of 30« by TECHART underlines the characteristics both optical and technical. Highlights at the right spots create an icon with a unique and exclusive touch.

TECHART exterior design: subtle highlights, big impact.

Beautiful and functional. Technical improvements also include the design of the 911 Turbo S.

The exterior parts by TECHART (produced in carbon and developed in the wind tunnel) optimize the aerodynamic parameters of the chassis. Side air intake trims, ram-air scoop, front grilles and air outlet grille are included in the package. They improve the cold air system. Roof spoiler, side skirt trims, rear apron louvers and a diffusor add-on improve the balance between lift and downforce. To meet all demands, every TECHART exterior part can be obtained in visible carbon, matt or glossy . The lettering »GTsport 1 of 30« at both doors points to the treatment from TECHART.

TECHART Powerkit and chassis enhancements: components for the senses.


To do something good for the feelings of the driver, TECHART strengthens the qualities of the 911 Turbo S in this area as well. The TECHART TECHTRONIC Powerkit for the 911 Turbo S changes standard 580 hp into 640 hp. The torque rises from max. 750 Nm to powerful 880 Nm. 0 to 100 km/h: 2.7 seconds.

Top speed: 338 km/h. In conjunction with the valve controlled exhaust »Sport« this combination with a deeper and more powerful boxer sound is a joy to your ears. It sounds spectacular, it feels impressive and it looks great. Because the exhaust with four titanium end tubes and carbon-fiber jacket is an unequivocal statement.

The TECHART »GTsport 1 of 30« package also delivers high quality parts for the improvement of the lateral dynamics. The sports spring set lowers the 911 Turbo S by around 30mm. This not only improves handling and offers a more direct response to the driver, it shapes the visual impression of the 911. Beautiful and functional. The suspension concept is rounded off by the TECHART Formula IV Race Bi-Color forged rims made in own production. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires provide the necessary grip during everyday drive and extreme situations.

TECHART interior design: always an eye on GTsport. Even in the interior.

The TECHART interior manufactory allows customers to decide themselves, how they want to change the interior (within the Exclusive Performance Package). This package includes the TECHART sport steering wheel »Type 7«. It uses the factory Porsche GT steering wheel as its base. Its smaller diameter (360 mm) and the ergonomic shape, fascinates the driver in many ways. From the raw steering wheel rim, TECHART’s master craftsmen then give it its typical ergonomic shape, padding and finishing with finest leather, lacquered trims and carbon fiber segments. The customer can choose between nice colored accents. The colors for the mode switch and the gear selector can be freely selected. A small change with big effects for the interior. And as a nuance for the package: handcrafted floor mats with »GTsport 1 of 30« logotype.

In short: the Exclusive Performance Package »GTsport 1 of 30« by TECHART includes small changes, which completely change the look of the 911 Turbo S: more courage, more style and more performance. An exclusive feature from TECHART to the 911 Turbo S. Porsche owners all over the world appreciate the precise craftsman-like processing of high-quality materials by the TECHART manufactory. That applies equally for the selection of the materials, the coordination of the colors and the sense for aesthetics.