Luxury Car Repair Services and Upgrades Near Encinitas


Living in a majestic place like Encinitas, CA, allows for lots of beautiful coastal drives. In order to fully optimize those drives along the coast and look great in the process, bring your car into TAG Motorsports for any luxury car aesthetic upgrades or performance car repair services you need.

Luxury Car Upgrades and Services

We specialize in luxury and performance car services but are qualified and experienced with all cars. We are the best at what we do, including luxury car repair services, custom paint, and aesthetic upgrades.

When it comes to performance car repair, don’t trust just anyone. Rely on the expertise, authority, and experience of TAG Motorsports. We have the best technicians in the industry, and we will make sure your experience is positive and unsurpassed. When you need to the best luxury car repairs in Southern California, contact TAG Motorsports.

Some of our comprehensive luxury car upgrades and performance car repair services include:

  • Paint customization
  • Engine repair and upgrades
  • Wheel and tire upgrades
  • Aesthetic upgrades
  • Exhaust systems repair and upgrades
  • Complete diagnostic service

If you are located near Encinitas and need luxury car upgrades or repairs, call TAG Motorsports at 877.244.5650 or email our team at [email protected]