Brabus G550 4x4² is Coming Soon!

Brabus G550 4x4² is Coming Soon!

BRABUS G550 4x4² Front Exterior Upgrades

The G550 4x4² recieves the lower BRABUS front bumper panels on the left and right as well as a mirror-polished underride guard upgrade the production bumper. The BRABUS front bumper panels feature integrated LED lights with chrome surrounds. On top of the bumper, the G500 receives an upper bumper add-on panel under the special radiator grille with integrated BRABUS logo furthermore characterizes the face.

The BRABUS hood scoop, the new radiator grille and headlamp surrounds are all made from clear-coated carbon fiber and thereby add further distinctive highlights.

The G550 4x4² also receives special black-tinted BRABUS xenon headlamps and daytime running lights with integrated turn signal function. To replace the redundant factory signals BRABUS produces covers to go on top of the fender made from clear-coated carbon fiber. 

BRABUS Electrical Side Step and Underlighting

In addition, BRABUS upgrades the sides with underfloor lighting for the running boards, which is activated by pulling on a door handle or by operating the keyless-entry remote.

Also available to aid in getting in and out of the G550 4x4² are the BRABUS electronic retractable step boards.

BRABUS G550 4x4² Rear Exterior Upgrades

Like its counterpart at the front, the rear underride guard is also mirror-polished. The G550 4x4² rear exterior is finished by the widestar fender caps and roof spoiler. These items completes the thrilling rear appearance of the mighty off-roader.

BRABUS B40 PowerXtra - 500 HP

The centerpiece of the conversion is a plug-and-play control module that is adapted to the electronic engine management system. BRABUS utilized complex test cycles on state-of-the-art dynamometers as well as in terrain and on the road to recalibrate the electronic boost pressure control and reprogram the mapping for injection and ignition.

The four-liter eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine of the Mercedes G 550 4x4² produces an output of 422 HP and is consequently an excellent starting point for the new BRABUS B40 - 500 PowerXtra performance kit.  The module adds an extra 78 HP and an increase in torque by 74 lb-ft. The rated power output of 550 HP and the high peak torque of 523 lb-ft, harmonizes perfectly with the automatic transmission.

BRABUS Valve-Control Exhaust System

Sound, performance and longevity are the outstanding features of the BRABUS stainless steel sports exhaust system with actively controlled butterfly valves. A button on the steering wheel lets drivers choose between a subtle "comfort" mode and a markedly powerful exhaust note in the "sport" position. The BRABUS exhaust features dual chrome tailpipes on each side of the vehicle and thereby adds some stunning visual highlights in a thrilling side pipe design.

BRABUS Fine Leather Interior

Another focal point of the BRABUS refinement for the Mercedes G 550 4x4² is the interior. The company upholstery shop created an exclusive BRABUS fine leather with arrow-shaped quilting from especially soft and breathable black Mastik leather for IAA 2015 show car. Red seams add an interesting contrast. An Alcantara headliner plus other Alcantara components in the interior as well as carbon inlays adds even more highlights that are striking.

BRABUS also has a host of interior accessories to further enhance and personalize the G550 4x4² such as, stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo welcome the passengers. To make getting in and out easier, BRABUS also offers optional special power-retractable BRABUS steps. The BRABUS interior designers add keen highlights with high-class aluminum components such as pedals and door pins.

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