Enlaes M4 on BLK Wheels - Phase 1 Complete!

Enlaes M4 on BLK Wheels - Phase 1 Complete!

We have recently teamed up with Enlaes, BLK and Boden to get this M4 setup and dialed in. Enlaes needs no introduction and have truly made a name delivering fantastic fit and finish to their carbon pieces. We are thrilled to see the debut of the full kit on this bad boy! 

For Phase 1, we have married some beautiful BLK Wheels in 20" to the M4 along with Eisenmann Exhaust and KW Suspension. There is a lot more in store for this M4 and we were pumped to work with Boden Autohaus as well to get it to where it is now. Stay Tuned for more!  

Mod List:
-20" BLK GTR Wheels
-255/30/20 & 285/30/20 Toyo T1R Tires
-KW Height Adjustable Springs
-IND Front Grill Surround
-IND Side Vents
-IND Painted Reflectors
-Eisenmann Exhaust System

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] To see the entire shoot CLICK HERE