AWE F8X Non-Resonated Exhaust // Video + Install Photos + Review!

AWE F8X Non-Resonated Exhaust // Video + Install Photos + Review!

When we at TAG Motorsports heard that AWE would be entering the BMW Market we were thrilled. For years we have been the #1 Volume Dealer of AWE Products especially in the Audi arena. We know their quality, their sound, and their reputation. We had no doubt that whatever AWE Tuning put out it would be stellar. And they didn't disappoint.


AWE has always been a huge proponent of creating an exhaust system that just does NOT drone. Obviously systems can have different variants that either make it quieter or louder, but both versions (Resonated & NON-Resonated) both do not have any drone). This is a feature that is unique and important for an end user like all of us because nobody wants to be in your $75-100k car with a headache.

As most of you know, we have had the Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust system on our in-house F82 M4 since last August. That system was incredible sounding but had its quirks, with the price point being another huge factor. Having taken the Akrapovic system off the car, and fitting it with the AWE non-Resonated currently, we can safely say that this system really is leaps and bounds better (in our opinion) than the Akrapovic. Going from the smaller diameter Akrapovic Piping, to the dual 3" piping on the AWE, you notice much more turbo noise, a bit more gargle as well as a slight power increase. The sound from the non-resonated AWE is certainly louder than the Akrapovic system however outside the cabin, with the valves closed, the system is very tame and livable. Put it in Sport, or Sport Plus modes, valves open up, and its like a symphony. The straight 6 no longer sounds like a wimpy 6 banger, but now growls with anger....

The system shown here is the AWE Tuning F8X M3/M4 SwitchPath™ Non Resonated Exhaust System with 102mm Diamond Black Tips. We offer the system in resonated as well with Diamond black or Silver tips, also your choice of either 90mm or 102mm tips.