Out with the old, In with the new-2016 Matte Daytona RS7

Out with the old, In with the new-2016 Matte Daytona RS7

So as many of you know, we have had our project S7 for about two years, and has gone through quite a few different transitions over that time (which you can see by clicking HERE to the tribute thread) It was very good to us however as the facelift is now out, we thought it was time to change some things up. So we phoned our good friends at Audi of San Diego as soon as the order guides were available and they were quickly able to make it happen!

We knew exactly the specification that we wanted however we were very torn on the color. Being that we have our Project Nardo Grey RS5, we wanted something different. The Red was a bit flashy, black was out of the question, we did not want white, so Matte Daytona Grey seemed to fit the bill just nicely. On top of that, it was a rare color (even for us! haha.) So here are the full specifications on the car.

2016 Audi RS7
-Daytona Grey Matte
-Black Interior
-Carbon Optic Package (with Quattro Front Grill)
-Black Alcantara Headliner
-Driver Assistance Package
-Sports Exhaust
-21” Titanium Blade Design Wheels
-Power Closing Doors

After a long 4 and 1/2 months later.… She had arrived. We were very excited to welcome her home but before we could do so, we had our good friend’s at AutoArmor protect her beautiful paint and wrap the entire vehicle with Satin XPEL clear bra. Satin paints from our experience are very difficult to maintain so the XPEL Clear Bra would be the best solution to keep the entire are well protected (before we had even taken her home.)

Finally, after another long week or so, she finally made it home, to TAG Motorsports. As we all know, we here at TAG purchase these cars so that you all can see all the different options/modifications that are available for these cars. We typically keep them here on display for you to take a spin in, hear it, feel it so the decision that you make for your car, weather it is over the phone, email or in person, is a well educated one from our sales team! In this thread, we will keep an ongoing journal of all the modifications we do and our impressions over the course of ownership of our 2016 Audi RS7.

That being said, we were quickly on to our first set of modifications to the car. The ugly orange and red side-markers HAD TO go! so we had a set of our TAG Motorsports Painted reflector set, and popped them in. Of corse some VAG COM Modifications had to be done to turn off the lights which was a breeze. The 2016’s and 2015’s coding for that were virtually the same.

*Click the photos below to find out more about our painted reflector packages.

Next up, we had to address the ride height. Being that we liked the Air Suspension in the 2014 S7, we went with the same setup on our RS7. We were able to remove the same H&R Lowering Module out of our 2014 S7 and install it into our 2016 RS7 without a hitch, giving us the ability to go up to 30mm lower than factory, and retain all the factory controls through the MMI.

Then, it was time to look at the shoes. Although the factory 21” wheels are great, they were too stock hahaha…. We have something special in line for this build. We have ordered a variety of wheels from HRE, BBS, ADV1, Vossen & More - so that you can see exactly the style on the car yourself! We plan on switching the wheels up every week or two for your viewing pleasure. So….. On to the first one!

We called our neighbors at HRE Wheels, and wanted something from one of their newest line. The RS1 Monoblock lineup. We had done a 3-piece variant on our S7 (which can be seen HERE) and absolutely loved the look, so we went with their new Monoblock RS100M (which is the replacement for the famous P40SC). We here at TAG love our fitments, so we had HRE build us a 21x10.5 wheel to fit on the factory 275/30/21 Dunlop tire, and finish the wheels in Satin Bronze. The end result….. well you be the judge!

Finally, to complete the first round of modifications, we had to address the exhaust system. Now there are a few different options for the exhaust system however we had to pick our favorite - the Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust System. The system is one of the most amazing sounding system’s we have ever installed on a car. It takes the V8 Rumble and turns it into a much higher pitched V8 rumble. There is ZERO drone inside the cabin (which is always a plus) and the factory valves (which are controlled by the MMI) are all retained. To top it off, they come with a pair of beautiful Carbon Fiber Tips with Titanium Outlets built inside them which fit perfectly replace the factory exhaust tips on the RS7.

*Click the images to find out more about the Akrapovic Exhaust :)

And here she is. Presenting you the 2016 TAG Motorsports Audi RS7 codenamed #ProjectShark. In the next few weeks, get excited to see the constant and ongoing changes and added modifications that we will be preforming to the vehicle. In the meantime, if you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to email me HERE or contact us by calling (866) 748-4388