The TechArt 992 Project by TAG Motorsports

The TechArt 992 Project by TAG Motorsports

Porsches have been a main staple of TAG Motorsports for many years. We have loved the brand and have owned and built projects around many Porsche models over the years.

When the 992 was announced and started to hit stateside, we knew we would get our hands on one to explore its capabilities and to design it with our creative performance partners to our standard. We thought with the approaching summer weather coming, that going the cabriolet route would be perfect to showcase something a little different.

Once the idea came about in our team group chats and meetings, it grew some legs, and we were off to not only look for the perfect 992 Carrera S Cabriolet, but also talk with our partners in TechArt Germany, and how we can best showcase the products and our partnership the best. The result of these think tanks was to create a full TechArt 992 Cabriolet that was a showcase of the “everyday” vehicle. Our goal was to create something that could fit into the daily grind of our clients' lives. That's running errands, making meetings, and sitting in traffic (We know, the harsh reality of city life). But it also had to be enjoyable for the weekend and show some style and bite. Boardroom to the beach, and everything between.

After talks with Techart, we ordered about everything they had available for the 992 that would fit our requirements. One thing we liked about the TechArt components, was once color-matched, they really flowed nicely into the styling of the Porsche. It is almost OEM Plus with a little more Plus added to it. Which is perfect for our goals with this project.

Within 72 hours the parts were on their way to us, oh and so was the vehicle. We started with painting the key Techart Aero Pieces. Each piece was made of perfect PU-RIM (not cheap fiberglass but OEM Quality plastic). On the front end, we have Techart Spoiler I that consists of 5 pieces and can be installed without removing the stock 911 front apron. The different pieces allow for an array of color combinations to suit the needs. We opted to go the majority in Porsche’s new Dolomite Silver body color, with a hint of Gloss Black. Next, we installed the painted front aprons that sit under the bumper turn indicators. Finally the side air outlet trims and the TechArt emblem complete the look. Next, we addressed the side skirts which are 2 pieces per side but give some subtle depth. We color matched both pieces to offer subtle detail. On the rear end, we installed the rear diffuser, and aero wings (that surround the exhaust), which we color matched. The fins on the rear diffuser apron were painted black to offer some contrast and detail.

Our vehicle was not fitted originally with the original Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) so we sourced the factory rear center bumper pieces, and tailpipes to give the oval exhaust tip look. Also, we installed the carbon fiber TechArt exhaust tips which are really a great addition to the rear bumper detail. To top off the rear, we swapped the factory exhaust with the new Titanium TechArt Valved Exhaust System (which works for both PSE and non-PSE systems). The Titanium Sport Exhaust. Yes, that's right, titanium! 40% lighter for weight savings, but still the incredible sound. With dynamic exhaust valves, the soundscape can be adjusted in accordance with the selected driving mode. With the mode selector on your steering wheel, you can easily switch from standard power and sound to increased performance and sound. It really integrates seamlessly with Porsches ergonomics.

The devil is in the details. So we made sure we added the Techart Rear Spoiler I which is a nice and subtle rear lip spoiler. But, in person, it really adds a nice touch to the 992 that's arguably missing. What we really loved was the Techart rear badging that replaced the factory Porsche badging. Every character of the three-dimensional letters is made of premium cast acrylic glass. The original idea was to paint it black, but once we got it in our hand, we decided to keep it the clear acrylic as a wonderful contrast.

One piece we were really excited about was the Techart Steering Wheel. With Techarts interior refinement program, we were able to design a custom steering wheel with them. The steering wheel is wrapped in Bordeaux Side Grips, and 12’oclock stripe, with Black leather, with the spokes custom, painted gloss black and Dolomite Silver (body color) accents. The shift paddles were also finished in black with the “+-” color-matched to the Bordeaux Red Leather with the selector ring. Along with the steering wheel, we elevated the interior with custom matched TechArt Carbon Fiber Door Sills, a TechArt pedal set, as well as TechArt floor mats with matching Bordeaux red piping. All from Techart. The level of customization they offer is really unique and the next level. To finish out this project and bring everything together we chose Techart Formula V Forged wheels. We had them finished in brushed clear to flow seamlessly with the complete car and give it the classy touch. The altitude and handling were adjusted with Techart's height-adjustable spring set. We are excited to get this build out to show all of you.

It hit close to home with us as one of our first major projects over 10+ years ago was our first full TechArt 997. Time flies and styling, technology, and cars innovate, but the passion we have for our partners, customers, and builds remains the same.

2020 Porsche 992 C2S Cabriolet

-TechArt Front Lip (for standard bumper)

-TechArt Air Frame (for standard front bumper)

-TechArt Air Outlet Grills (Left & Right of Front Bumper)

-TechArt Skid Skirt Pair

-TechArt Diffusor Add-On for Rear Bumper

-TechArt Aero Wings for Rear Bumper

-TechArt Rear Spoiler Lip Type I

-TechArt Threaded Spring Kit (HAS)

-TechArt Valved Exhaust System in Titanium

-TechArt Carbon Exhaust Tip

-OEM Porsche PSE Rear Bumper Valance & Necessary Conversion Parts

-TechArt Formula V Wheels in custom Brushed Finish (20x9 Front 21x11.5 Rear using Original Tires)

-TechArt Pedal Kit in Aluminum

-TechArt Dead Pedal Footrest in Aluminum

-TechArt Steering Wheel Upgrade in Bordeaux Sides with Perforated Leather, Black Top & Bottom, Bordeaux 12'oclock Stripe, Travel Mode Switch, Gloss Black Trim and paddles with +/- in Bordeaux Red

-TechArt Front & Rear Floor Mat Set in Black with Bordeaux Red Leather Border Edge

-TechArt Carbon Illuminated Door Entry with Bordeaux TechArt Logo to match the interior

-TechArt Hood Badge

-TechArt Silver Rear Letters

-TAG Motorsports 992 Rear Painted Reflectors

-XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection