Range Rover Sport "The Definition Of Class" by TAG & KAHN

Range Rover Sport "The Definition Of Class" by TAG & KAHN

The Range Rover game has certainly changed a bit over the past few years. As TATA Motors took over the Land Rover brand back in 2008, things really went to the next level for the British mark. Late in 2009, they debut the new SPORT model and instantly we fell in love with the facelift...

Fast forward to 2011. A few months ago we partnered with crew at Kahn USA gaining Exclusivity to all KAHN products in California. This gave us the need to have our own Range Rover Sport. We quickly called our friends at Hoehn Motors in Carlsbad, and they quickly were able to sort out a beautiful Baltic blue with Tan Leather 2011 Range Rover Sport. And the work began.

We first fitted the car with 22x8.5 and 22x9 KAHN RS300 in Silver wrapped in 285/35/22 Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires thanks to our great friends over at Pirelli. Then came the issue with the fender gap. After much R&D, we found that all the modules out there are very much a headache when it comes to drivability so we made a few tweaks to the best modules in the industry and came out with our own TAG Motorsports Lowering Module.

With the Wheels/Suspension settled, now it was off to the body work. Recently, KAHN progressed from their traditional 6-piece wide arch kit to the new and much more classy 12-Piece Carbon Composite Wide Arch Kit. The Kit fits like factory and just adds the necessary aggressiveness needed to differentiate the vehicle from all your neighbors Rovers in their driveways. The Front and Rear have both been widened 1.5" on each side. With the more aggressive rear 22" KAHN RS300 Wheel Fitment, the wheels now fit flush with the widened arches. With the kit, we painted the Grill Surrounds to match the body, as well as the Door Handles to give it an OEM Plus look as well as the LED Strips integrated in the front bumper.

Moving into the interior, where KAHN really knows how to work his magic, we opted for the full KAHN Design Leather kit featuring front and rear seat covers, arm rests, the tops of the doors, center armrest as well as the gauge console surround in Quilted Leather. Since the vehicle originally began life with Tan Leather interior, we thought Black Leather seating, with Tan Stitching and a Tan Center Stripe suited the car perfectly with the contrasting factory matte wood. We then added the KAHN Speedo, Rev Counter and Center Clock in Ivory as well as the KAHN Pedal Set to complete the interior...

Lastly, since the new 5.0L V8 already comes packed with 375HP, all that needed was the KAHN Exhaust system for added Grunt and the truck was Finished.

There are plenty of more photos to come shortly thanks to the great Mo Satarzadeh (mophotodesign.com).

If anyone is interested in purchasing this beauty or would just like to check it out in person, please stop by our showroom or give us a call at (760)741-9300.

Also, Remember that if you are interested in purchasing a NEW Range Rover anywhere in California or across the nation and would like to have some KAHN products or Conversions installed, let us know and through our vast Land Rover Dealer Network we could have a Range Rover Built, Completed and waiting for you on the showroom floor awaiting for your pickup