The S8 is a very special car which manages to blend seriously impressive sportiness with extreme comfort. Milltek set out to develop an exhaust that builds on those qualities without disrupting that finely judged balancing act.

Milltek Sport's engineers knew from their extensive work on the S6/S7, that extracting a truly spine-tingling sound from the S8's V8 engine was always possible, but the impressive part is how they've managed to ensure it doesn't become intrusive in the cabin.

Production is scheduled for end of October. We'll be arranging to airfreight the first batch as soon as they're ready.

Please contact us immediately if you'd like to pre-order systems at the reduced introductory price. Catted and cat-less turbo-back options available as well. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Polished 100mm Quad Tips: SSXAU468 - $3499
Ceramic Black 100mm Quad Tips: SSXAU469 - $3499
Titanium 100mm Quad Tips: SSXAU467 - $3699

Polished 100mm Quad Tips: SSXAU465 - $3699
Ceramic Black 100mm Quad Tips: SSXAU464 - $3699
Titanium 100mm Quad Tips: SSXAU466 - $3899