The time has come to finally show off a few stages of our Project S4. This was one of many forms that it has taken over the past year. The car has been many firsts - The first ever to have the Accuair Full Solution and Full bolt-on Air system. The first to have the 2013 DSG file from GIAC, and the first to have the AWE Cooling System installed. Additionally, the vehicle has debuted some excited finishes in wheels and that can be seen below with the set of 20” ADV5.1 TrakFunction wheels in full polish with a step lip. Do not think that this car is just all show and no go, this is a fully functional stage 2 vehicle with all the AWE bells and whistles in the mix! 

Modifications Include: [/B]
[i]Suspension / Wheels / Brakes
-Accuair B8 Sport Full Solution System
-20x10” ADV5.1 TrakFunction Wheels in Full Polish
-255/30/20 Continental Tires
-Stoptech 380mm ST-60 Brake Kit

-AWE Pulley
-AWE S-Flo intake
-AWE Cooling system
-AWE Exhaust system
-AWE non-resonated downpipes
-GIAC DSG Stage II software

-OEM European Headlights
-OEM Black Grill and foglight grill
-TAG Motorsports Blackout package