Alex Andonian from TAG Motorsports Takes the Victory in Targa Trophy’s Bay Area Rally Fest in a BMW 335i

LOS ANGELES – September 1, 2010 – The  Targa Trophy Triple Crown Series, North America’s premier automotive lifestyle rally event, presented by NOS Energy Drink continued the season with Event #2 the Bay Area Rally Fest. Alex Andonian from TAG Motorsports took the victory in his 2008 BMW 335i with navigator Alain Gulezyan, while Radoslav Kalla, winner of Event #1, retains the lead in the Triple Crown points chase for the championship.

“Targa Trophy Event #2 – Bay Area Rally Fest was a wild event,” says Jason Overell, founder of Targa Trophy. “We traversed one of the most demanding circuits we have ever set-up and had some amazing cars in the field once again. This was a perfect way to wrap-up our first event ever in Nor Cal and set-up what will surely be an amazing Finale event in the desert.”

The second leg of the 2010 Triple Crown Series began on the streets of Downtown San Francisco in front of the W San Francisco with 40+ vehicles ready for the journey ahead. The course was divided into two driving legs; the first leg took the teams through the Bay Area’s scenic coast and mountain regions before reaching the mid-way point at the W Silicon Valley for the NorCal vs. SoCal CARnival presented by NOS Energy Drink. The car expo featured over 400 of the top Euro, JDM, Sportscars, and Exotics from the Bay Area and Southern California. The Targa Trophy cars joined the festivities and displayed their cars to the hundreds of fans that attended the event before continuing on with the event.

The second leg of the rally tested the teams’ navigational skills and driving prowess taking them through the Bay Area’s challenging back roads. The course proved to be the most difficult and contained the harshest terrain in Targa Trophy history. Pushing the limits of the BMW 335i and showcasing strategic accuracy, Andonian and navigator Gulezyan came out on top with a total score of 968 out of 1000 points and a total time of 7 hours and 34 seconds moving up in the Triple Crown standings to 4th place overall. Andonian stayed closest to the target Targa Trophy time and mileage, which was 147 miles and a time of 3 hours and 15 minutes for the first leg and 152 miles and 3 hours 55 minutes for the second leg. For Andonian’s efforts, he will be receiving prizes from the likes of W Hotels, LUZ by Houman, HRE Wheels, and European Car.

“Third time’s the charm,” said Andonian, winner of Event #2 the Bay Area Rally Fest “We love to Targa!”

Targa Trophy will close out the 2010 Triple Crown Series on November 5-6 in Las Vegas, NV for the Desert Challenge. Both an event winner and Triple Crown winner will be crowned at this event. More information to be released on

Targa Trophy Event #2 - Bay Area Rally Fest Results
1. Alex Andonian     BMW 335i | Car # 1     968 Points
2. Bill Wu     Dodge Charger Cop Car | Car #10     928 Points
3. Manuel Medina     Audi RS4 | Car #23     928 Points
4. Allen Razavi     Mercedes Benz SL 600 | Car #32     923 Points
5. Sevan Dakarian     Porsche 997 Turbo | Car #42     909 Points
6. Adam Roth     BMW M3 | Car #33     878 Points
7. Aaron Guiardado     BMW M5 | Car #46     877 Points
8. Rob Hallstrom     Porsche Panamera 4S | Car #12     865 Points
9. Patrick Van Schoote     Range Rover Supercharged | Car #2     864 Points
10. Rado Kalla     Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder | Car #27     850 Points

Targa Trophy 2010 Triple Crown Standings (after 2 of 3 events)
1. Rado Kalla     Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder     1898 Points
2. Wick Zimmerman     BMW M5     1731 Points
3. Sevan Dakarian     Porsche 997 Turbo     1730 Points
4. Alex Andonian     BMW 335i     1718 Points
5. Bijan Gharavi     Mercedes E55 AMG     1703 Points
6. Nick Jones     Bentley GTC     1660 Points
7. Manuel Medina     Audi RS4     1570 Points
8. Enrico Delmar     Mercedes Benz E350     1566 Points
9. Bill Wu     Dodge Charger Cop Car     1542 Points
10. John Lisenby     Lamborghini Murcielago     1540 Points

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