Well hello, W I D E B O D Y | Techart Macan | TAG Motorsports

Well hello, W I D E B O D Y | Techart Macan | TAG Motorsports


Techart was founded in 1987 by Thomas Behringer, with its headquarters located in Leonberg, Germany. Behringer sought out to do one thing - create cars which would blend artistic perfection with technologically advanced features. Techart has been doing this consistently for almost 30 years now. We have built a handful of Techart examples across a variety of different Porsche models over the years. One that is dear to our heart was our 2014 Porsche Turbo S (click here to see) that was the North American debut of the Techart aero and performance package for the newly appointment 991 Turbo S. 

Having been so satisfied with the excellent innovation coming out of Techart in the previous years, we knew we wanted to build another masterpiece. Cut to our 2016 Macan. We bought this crossover SUV for a myriad of reasons: Great size, sporty, loved the overall approach to the car, and well…we knew Techart was coming out with a Widebody program for it and that got us excited. 

The first phase of our TAG Project Macan can be (seen here.) The plan was always to debut this project in 2 phases. The first showing the Techart Formula IV wheels in bi-color finish of grey/brushed finished. Also, we made a point to keep the wheels at 21” so it was a direct fit and finish with the OEM tires and would be a great example to show a beautifully designed wheel with some serious concave. Additionally, we debuted the vehicle with the Techart aero kit consisting of front spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser, the rear mid wing and upper roof spoiler. Lastly, we made sure to keep this 100 with the addition of the Techart doorsills, floor mats, and hood pin. All can be found here on our siteCheck out the full (write up here) of Phase I, but lets keep going into Phase II of this beast! 

W I D E B O D Y incoming. And this changed everything. What was originally thought to be a subtle fender arch addition on all four corners turned out to be another home run wide body aero package that melted our hearts just as they have done with the Cayenne Magnum program. The car is totally transformed. In order to ensure that this looked at mean as possible, we painted the 21” Formula IV wheels gloss black as well. You can order the wheels exactly as shown in the photos here on our site. 

 As for power, we partnered with our good friends up at GIAC to utilize their Macan software and wow. The numbers are impressive, the butt dyno tells us that the torque addition is spot on and the car is alive even more. For additional breathing we dropped in 2 BMC Air Filters as well. All of these is in conjunction with our Techart Valved Exhaust going from Jekyl to Hyde in a press of a button. A short video of this trifecta can be (seen here on our YouTube video.)

So there you have it, we wanted to show the FULL range of Techart products for the Porsche Macan. These will fit the S, GTS, and Turbo. We love this car and although still new to the road, we are seeing more and more. We know that there is a long road ahead for them and are so excited to be able to show you another TAG car and please do not hesitate to contact for any inquires or pricing on this as we are an official Techart dealer and would love to set up more examples as this one below. On to the photos!

Click any of the products below for more information:
-TechArt Formula IV Wheels in 21x9.5 & 21x11 Fitting OEM 21" Tires
-TechArt Macan Widebody
-TechArt Front Lip Spoiler
-TechArt Side Skirt Pair
-TechArt Rear Diffusor
-TechArt Rear Trunk Spoiler
-TechArt Roof Spoiler
-TechArt Valved Exhaust System
-TechArt Exhaust Tips in Black
-TechArt Lowering Spring Set
-TechArt Pedal Set
-TechArt Footrest
-TechArt Floormats with Red Piping
-TechArt Door Still Set
-GIAC ECU Upgrade
-TAG Painted Lamborghini Rosso Vik Calipers with TechArt Logo
-TAG Painted Reflector Package

And now, time for photos!